• Jeff Soud

Client Question of the Day: Can I quit my treating doctor and go to another?

Issue Presented: A young lady client called today upset over the lack of progress in her medical care. This was following her motor vehicle accident two months ago. She was also worried as her medical team described some of the worrisome findings in her MRI and other diagnostic tests. Exasperated she wanted to know a) was it worth it (pursuing a legal claim) and b) she wants to quit going to the current doctor and return to her beloved chiropractor (who she wasn't really seeing given the fact that he just won't get involved in patients legal cases.)

Solution Offered: So here's what I said, "Regardless of any legal claim or case, your health is your priority. If you aren't getting better, let's go to where you will. And, let's go to where you have the highest confidence in your healthcare provider. I'm gong to support you in whatever decision you make. I will always encourage you to do what helps you get better, before doing what makes a case better."

There's just no amount of money any past client wouldn't return IN FULL, if they could just have their health and mobility back. At this stage my young client's medical care, it appears she is still in the "acute" phase where the effective treatment with the doctor(s) she has the most confident in, will have the best and most effective outcome. How about we go that route.

As for her case, the good news is there is insurance coverage. The bad news is, it's limited. Given the current records and bills, I think I can do a "quick demand". If I can get the insurer to tender the meger limits, I think ultimately it will limit the outstanding medical bills resulting in more of the money going to my client. Unfotunally, it's not representative of what I feel like her injury claim is worth and the at-fault party's asset search reports, no collectable assets. (Florida is a debtor's state.)

Conclusion: You have to buy UM (uninsured / under-insured motorist) Coverage. As much as your family's budge can afford.

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