The Soud Family


           Founded over 24 years ago, the Soud Law Firm gives those a voice who have suffered serious injury or loss.

           Many recognize the Soud name in part due to the Firm’s persistent marketing on billboards, television, radio, and print media and in part due to family political campaigns for public office beginning with Jeff’s father, A.C. Soud, Jr. (Sr. Judge Retired), mother Ginger Soud (former City Council Member & President), two brothers, Dr. John C. Soud (board certified emergency room doctor) and Adrian G. Soud (Cir. Court Judge).  There is a better than average possibility you may know someone who knows the Soud family.


Our Staff

At an attorney’s office there are a variety of roles that must be filled to competently and fully represent a client. Below are some of the Soud Law staff positions at our office.  We believe this may be helpful to our Clients. As a result, clients may want to learn which team member may be performing certain tasks on their case.

  • Attorneys

  • Legal Secretaries

  • Paralegals [Case Managers]

  • Legal Assistants / Investigators

  • Receptionists / Runners

Hiring and Employment Practices

      We have an excellent staff of highly experienced people working for you when you choose the Soud Law Firm. Here’s a look behind the scenes to see the inner workings of the Soud Law Staff.

       Employment at a law office is a big responsibility, regardless of the position.  Everybody’s job is very important.  Our Clients are counting on us and we know everything counts.  We believe that a lawyer and his staff must be not only competent, but completely trustworthy.  We at the SOUD Law Firm take that very seriously.

      Our employees are held to a higher standard that we feel helps meet the needs of our clients better.

      In addition, we realize that everybody has made mistakes.  But applicants can expect that they may be subject to a background check, a credit check and drug test administered.  In the secretarial / paralegal positions, typing test and proofreading tests may be administered.

        The SOUD Law Firm is absolutely an equal opportunity employer.  Our highest priority is the Clients’ cases and we want the best people helping those with Serious Issues find Serious and Satisfying Solutions.  Good people helping hurting people.

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