Animal Bites – Have You Been Attacked or Bitten by an Animal?

Even trusted pets can cause injury.  Additionally, many aggressive breeds are an outright hazard. In the Jacksonville media, we see regular attention on animal bites or attacks.  And puncture wounds can cause infection, disfigurement or even permanent disability.


Finally, charging attacks are often overlooked because the animal did not directly injure you. For example, falling or running into something to get away are indirect ways to be hurt by an animal.

In either case, the property owner, the animal owner and their insurance companies, may be responsible for your damages. Damages included medical bills, lost wages and pain & suffering.

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While the State of Florida passes laws and “codifies” them called The Florida Statute, local governments and cities also pass laws, often referred to as Ordinances.

The Florida Statutes



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Jacksonville Ordinance

Jacksonville Ordinance Code for animals


UF Health on animal bites from the medical perspective.