Are you a victim of birth injury malpractice?

There are few experiences as miraculous, life-changing, and awe inspiring as bringing a new life into the world. Even saying this, it’s easy to understate the sheer magnitude of the experience. Like most expectant families, you probably went to great lengths to facilitate a smooth delivery. Throughout the pregnancy, you likely did everything you could to ensure both the mother’s and the baby’s health and wellbeing.

Unfortunately, there are some things that are outside of your control. Despite your best efforts, there may have still been complications involved with your delivery. While complications aren’t always the fault of a medical practitioner, birth injury malpractice is much more common than you might think. In many cases, any injuries suffered by your child may be the result of medical malpractice by the doctor involved.

What can birth injury malpractice lead to?

When a newborn infant suffers personal injury from medical malpractice, there’s a wide range of potential outcomes. Some birth injuries are relatively minor, and may involve something as simple as bruising. In other cases, however, the injuries suffered by your baby can be extremely severe: fractures, brain injuries, and even cerebral palsy.

A medical professional’s carelessness can result in permanent disability for your newborn. In the event that complications and/or injury are no fault of the mother’s and are not genetic, you’re eligible to receive financial compensation.

Where can I find a birth injury attorney?

If you’re looking for a birth injury lawyer, you’ve come to the right place. At the Soud Law Firm, we work hard to ensure that you and your family receive the best legal representation available. Our job is to make things as easy, straightforward, and stress-free for you as possible. We communicate frequently and openly with your family, and keep you updated on the status of your case.

Other attorneys charge thousands of dollars in fees up front. The Soud Law Firm is different: we never charge you fees ahead of time. If we win your case, you’ll be charged a commission; however, if your case is unsuccessful, you’ll never pay us a dime.

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