Are you a victim of medical malpractice?

When we’re suffering from an illness, be it chronic or acute, we seek out the expertise of a trained medical professional. Regardless of what it is that’s troubling us, we entrust our welfare to the care of our doctor. Given their expertise, we expect that they’ll provide us with the best care available, and do everything in their power to ensure that we experience a swift recovery.

Not every trip to the doctor goes quite so smoothly, however. Every year, a number of patients will receive sub par treatment from their care provider. In some cases, people suffer from overt medical malpractice. When you’re the victim of medical malpractice, you deserve to be compensated for any injuries or suffering related to your experience. You need a medical malpractice attorney who can represent you, and who will fight to get you what you deserve.

What is medical malpractice?

Medical malpractice is legally defined in a very specific way. According to the letter of the law, medical malpractice is defined as negligence by a health care provider, either by act or by omission, and/or any treatment which falls below the standard of care accepted by the medical community as a whole. This means that even if your health care provider simply failed to do something that’s generally expected of them, they can be held liable for that negligence in court.

When selecting a medical accident lawyer, you need someone who understands malpractice law in detail. Lawsuits related to medical malpractice have specific limitations associated with them, which are different from other personal injury lawsuits. The party that brings suit must demonstrate that their health care provider breached the professional standard of care. Additionally, there are time limits associated with malpractice cases.

For these reasons, litigating a malpractice suit is expensive. Other law firms will try to charge you thousands of dollars for a retainer. At the Soud Law Firm, you won’t receive a bill from us unless we win your case. If you don’t receive any compensation, we won’t charge you for our services.

If you’ve suffered from medical malpractice, it’s important that you pursue your legal options before time runs out.

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